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This contact form is for questions/comments/suggestions about the website only. All questions regarding the church itself should be directed to the church’s council [here]. There are 2 points of contact, one is for the website itself the other is for the calendar.

Contact the Web Admin for the following reasons:

  • You found a problem with the website (misspelling, error, broken link, etc)
  • You have a question on how to find/use something on the website
  • You have a problem adding the church’s calendar to your own
  • You have a suggestion for something that could be added/improved to the website to enhance user experience

Contact the Calendar Admin for the following reasons:

  • You found an error/misspelling on a calendar entry
  • You think an entry is lacking certain information
  • You have an update for an entry pertaining to your circle/class/event

If your contact reason fit’s one of the subjects above, feel free to select the proper contact and fill in the form below, we will try to respond in as timely a manor as possible (if applicable).

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